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Terms of Use 

Last Updated: 10 July 2024

Disney DTC LLC and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “Disney” “we” or “us”) are pleased to provide to you certain websites, software, applications, content, products, and services in any media format or channel, now known or hereafter devised (“Disney Products” and “Products”), which may be branded Disney, ABC, ESPN, Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, FX, Searchlight Pictures, 20th Century Studios, National Geographic, or another brand owned or licensed by Disney.  References to Disney Products also include any elements of the Disney Products.





  1. These Terms of Use Are a Contract Between You and Us
  2. License Grant and Restrictions
  3. Usage Rules
  4. Paid Transactions
  5. Contests, Sweepstakes and Promotions
  6. Disclaimers and Limitation on Liability
  7. Submissions, User Generated Content, DMCA Takedown Notices
  9. Additional Provisions


1. These Terms of Use Are a Contract Between You and Us

A. Binding Contract. These terms of use (“Agreement”) are a contract between you and Disney DTC LLC, as a Delaware limited liability company doing business at 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, California 91521, USA and its affiliates and subsidiaries. Other than as expressly stated herein, there are no third-party beneficiaries of this Agreement.

B. Agreement. You represent to Disney that you have read, understood, and expressly agree to be bound by this Agreement, and the terms, conditions, and notices contained or referenced herein, whether you have created a Disney account or an equivalent unified account for Disney Products (and agree to this Agreement at the time you created that account) or whether you simply browse, use, or access a Disney Product offered directly by Disney or through a third party (and agree to this Agreement when you browse, use, or access any aspect of the Disney Product). If you do not agree to the Agreement, you may not use the Disney Products.

C. Supplemental Terms. This Agreement governs the Disney Products in general. More specific and/or supplemental terms and conditions may apply to some Products, including but not limited to, a particular contest, sweepstakes or promotion, software, application, promotional code, service or other activity; availability of certain merchandise, content, programs, or other activities; conditions or other limitations to the Disney Products for users under certain ages; and/or specific terms or restrictions that may accompany certain territories, programs, content, products, websites, applications or other software. ANY SUPPLEMENTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE IN ADDITION TO THIS AGREEMENT AND, IN THE EVENT OF A CONFLICT, THE SUPPLEMENTAL TERMS WILL PREVAIL OVER THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE APPLICABLE SUPPLEMENTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS DISCLOSED, YOU MAY NOT USE THE DISNEY PRODUCT.

D. Amendments. We may need to make changes to any portion of this Agreement from time to time and for many reasons, including to reflect updates to the Disney Products or changes in law. If we make a material change to this Agreement, it will be effective thirty (30) days following either our dispatch of a notice to you or our posting of the amended terms through the Disney Products, the third party that makes Disney Products available to you, or at  You are responsible for periodically reviewing this Agreement for updates and amendments. By continuing to use the Disney Products you will be deemed to have agreed to and accepted any amendments. Unless otherwise stipulated by the applicable laws, if you do not agree to any change to this Agreement, you must discontinue using the Disney Products. Our customer service representatives are not authorized to modify any provision of this Agreement, either verbally or in writing.

E. Accounts. In addition to a Disney account or an equivalent unified account for Disney Products, some Disney Products may permit or require you to create an account to participate or to secure additional benefits. You agree that any information you provide and maintain is accurate, current and complete, including your account information, contact information for notices and other communications from us and your payment information. You agree not to impersonate or misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity, including using another person’s username, password or other account information, or another person’s name or likeness, or provide false details for a parent or guardian. You agree that we may take steps to verify the accuracy of information you provide, including contact information for a parent or guardian.

F. Passwords and Security. You agree that you will not share your account or account information with others. You are responsible for taking reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality of your username and password, and you are responsible for all activities under your account that you can reasonably control. You agree to promptly notify us of any unauthorized use of your username, password or other account information, or of any other breach of security that you become aware of involving your account or the Disney Products.

G. Electronic Notice. You consent to receive notices, including agreements, disclosures, and other communications, electronically from us at the email address you have provided. You agree that these electronic notices satisfy any legal requirements that such communications be in writing.

H. Termination or Suspension. We may terminate or suspend your access to any Disney Products, and/or terminate this Agreement subject to the survival of terms as provided below, if required by law, or if we have objective reason to believe you have used the Disney Products in violation of any provision of this Agreement or any supplemental terms, and/or if you engage in or encourage infringement or any other illegal conduct as it relates to your use of the Disney Products.


2. License Grant and Restrictions

The Disney Products, including, but not limited to, movies, television shows, entertainment or informational programming, trailers, bonus material, scripts, code, images and artwork, are our copyrighted, patented or trademarked property or the copyrighted, patented or trademarked property of our licensors and all copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, patents and other intellectual property rights in the Disney Products are owned by us or our licensors (who may be third-party beneficiaries of this Agreement) and protected by the copyright, trademark, patent and other laws of the United States and international treaties.

A. Consumer License. If a Disney Product, or third party providing Disney Products subject to this Agreement, is configured to enable the use of software, content, virtual items or other materials owned or licensed by us, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license, limited to the applicable territory where it is offered, to access and use such software, content, virtual item or other material for your personal, noncommercial use only, only for as long as that Disney Product is made available to you by us, or an authorized third party, and only in accordance with this Agreement and/or the specific terms that apply to that Disney Product, with no right to reproduce, distribute, communicate to the public, make available to the public, or transform any Disney Product, including in connection with any use, creation, development, modification, prompting, fine-tuning, training, testing, benchmarking or validation of any artificial intelligence or machine learning tool, model, system, algorithm, product or other technology (“AI Tool”), in any media format or channel now known or hereafter devised (except as may be expressly described within the Disney Product or used in a Disney Product in the manner for which it was intended). This is a license agreement and not an agreement for sale or assignment of any rights in the Disney Products. Except as we specifically agree in writing, no element of the Disney Products may be used or exploited in any way other than as part of the authorized Product made available to you. You may own the physical media on which elements of the Disney Products are made available to you, but we retain full and complete ownership of the Disney intellectual property. We do not transfer title to any portion of the Disney websites, software, applications, content, virtual items or other materials and/or services to you. Likewise, the purchase of a license to use any Disney Product does not create an ownership interest in the Disney websites, software, applications, content, virtual items or other materials and/or services.

B. Restrictions on Your Use of Disney’s Products. You agree that you will not nor permit another person to do any of the following without our express written permission, and that these restrictions are a condition to your license:

i. circumvent or disable any content protection system or digital rights management technology used in connection with the Disney Product;

ii. copy the Disney Product (except as expressly permitted by us);

iii. rebroadcast, transmit or perform the Disney Product;

iv. create derivative works of the Disney Product or any part thereof, except as and only to the extent that any foregoing restriction is prohibited by applicable law;

v. move, decompile, reverse-engineer, disassemble, or otherwise reduce to human-readable form the Disney Products and/or the video player(s), underlying technology, any digital rights management mechanism, device, or other content protection or access control measure incorporated into the video player(s);

vi. modify the Disney Products, including, but not limited to, by removing identification, copyright or other proprietary notices from the Disney Products, or by framing, mirroring, or utilizing similar techniques;

vii. access or use the Disney Products in a manner that suggests an association with our products, services or brands;

viii. use the Disney Products for any commercial or business-related use or build a business utilizing the Disney Products, or engage in any activity to enable third parties to engage in any of the foregoing activities, in each case whether or not for profit;

ix. bypass, modify, defeat, tamper with or circumvent any of the functions or protections of the Disney Products;

x. access, monitor, copy or extract the Disney Products using a robot, spider, script, or other automated means, including, for the avoidance of doubt, for the purposes of creating or developing any AI Tool, data mining or web scraping or otherwise compiling, building, creating or contributing to any collection of data, data set or database (other than for a public search engine’s use of spiders for creating search indices to the extent not disallowed by Disney, including through the applicable robots.txt files or NOINDEX or NOFOLLOW meta-tags);

xi. damage, disable, overburden or impair the Disney Products; or

xii. use the Disney Products in any unlawful manner, for any unlawful purpose, or in any manner inconsistent with this Agreement.

C. Violation. Any attempt to perform any of the restricted actions listed above is a violation of the rights of Disney and/or the intellectual property rights holder.

D. Export Controls. You may not access or use any Disney Product in violation of United States and any applicable territory’s export control and economic sanctions requirements. By acquiring services, content or software through the Disney Products, you represent and warrant that your access to and use of the services, content or software will comply with those requirements.


3. Usage Rules

A. Changes to the Disney Products. The Disney Products are constantly evolving and will change over time. We reserve the right to make such changes or, if necessary, discontinue Disney Products. If required by law, we may also need to suspend, restrict, or terminate your access to Disney Products.

B. Third-Party Services or Platforms. The Disney Products may integrate, be integrated into, or be provided in connection with third-party websites, services, applications, platforms, and/or content. We do not control those third-parties or the products they make available. You should read the terms of use agreements and privacy policies that apply to such third-party products. If you access a Disney Product using an Apple iOS, Android or Microsoft Windows-powered device or Microsoft Xbox One, Apple Inc., Google, Inc. or Microsoft Corporation, respectively, shall be a third-party beneficiary of this Agreement. However, these third-party beneficiaries are not a party to this Agreement. You agree that your access to the Disney Products using these devices also shall be subject to the usage terms set forth in the applicable third-party beneficiary’s terms of service. You represent to Disney that you have read and agreed to those terms.

C. Internet, Browser and System Requirements. You may need a high speed Internet connection and/or minimum system and/or browser requirements to access and use certain aspects of the Disney Products. You are required to review the minimum requirements necessary for use of the specific Product.

D. Mobile Networks. When you access the Disney Products through a mobile network, your network or roaming provider’s messaging, data and other rates and fees will apply.

Downloading, installing or using certain Products may be prohibited or restricted by your network provider and not all Products may work with your network provider or device.

E. Consent to Messages. When you use the Disney Products, you may be given the opportunity to consent to receive communications from us through email, text, and/or mobile push notifications. Standard text and calling rates will apply. You agree that texts, calls or prerecorded messages may be generated by automatic telephone dialing systems. You can opt out of promotional communications by following the “Unsubscribe” directions for emails, through the settings of the Disney Product, or, if via text message, by responding STOP. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO CONSENT TO RECEIVE PROMOTIONAL TEXTS OR CALLS AS A CONDITION OF USING THE DISNEY PRODUCTS.

F. App Permissions. When you use the Disney Products, you may grant certain permissions to us for your device and/or accounts. Most mobile device platforms provide additional information regarding these permissions and how, if possible, to changes your permission settings. By downloading, installing or using the Disney Products, you agree to receive automatic software updates (as applicable).

G. Informational and Entertainment Purposes. You understand that the Disney Products are for your personal, noncommercial use and are intended for informational and entertainment purposes only; the content available does not constitute legal, financial, professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis and cannot be used for such purposes.

H. Commercial, Marketing, or Branding Use Prohibited. Except as expressly licensed, we do not allow uses of the Disney Products, or other Disney intellectual property, that are commercial or business-related, including uses in marketing or branding, or that advertise or offer to sell or promote products or services (whether or not for profit), or that solicit others (including solicitations for contributions or donations).

I. Malware. You agree not to knowingly or recklessly introduce a virus or other harmful component, or otherwise tamper with, impair or damage any Disney Product or connected network, or interfere with any person or entity’s use or enjoyment of any Disney Product. You agree not to use any software or device that allows automated gameplay, expedited gameplay, or other manipulation of gameplay or game client and you agree not to cheat or otherwise modify a Disney Product or game experience to create an advantage for one user over another.

J. Simulated Activity. You understand that to support smooth operation of the Disney Products across wide geographic areas, aspects of certain activities, such as game play, may be simulated to avoid delays.

K. Affiliate Advertising Programs. Disney is a participant in affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for websites, apps, or services to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to third party retail sites.


4. Paid Transactions

A. Identity of Seller. Sales are made by Disney or the authorized seller identified at the time of sale, if different. If you have questions about your order, please contact the seller at the address provided and they will assist you. Some digital storefronts on the Disney Products are operated by third parties and, in that case, different or additional sale terms may apply, which you should read when they are presented to you.

B. Digital Content and Virtual Items. We may make applications, games, software or other digital content available on the Disney Products or through authorized third parties for you to license for a one-time fee. When purchasing a license to access such material from a Disney Product, charges will be disclosed to you before you complete the license purchase.

Your purchase of a virtual item or in-game currency is a payment for a limited, non-assignable license to access and use such content or functionality as intended by the Disney Products with no right to reproduce, distribute, communicate to the public, make available to the public or transform any Disney Product via any online media, in any media format or channel now known or hereafter devised (except as may be expressly described or contemplated within the Disney Product). Virtual items (including characters and character names) or in-game currency purchased or available to you in the Disney Products can only be used in connection with the Disney Products where you obtained them or where they were assembled by you as a result of game play. These items are not redeemable or subject to refund and cannot be traded outside of the Disney Products for money or other items for value. We may modify or discontinue virtual items or in-game currency at any time.

C. Digital Movie Codes. Digital codes originally packaged in a combination disc + code package (a package that includes a DVD, Blu-Ray, and/or 4K/UHD disc(s) and a digital code) may not be sold separately and may be redeemed only by an individual who obtains the code in the original combination disc + code package, or by a family member of that individual. Digital codes are not authorized for redemption if sold separately. You may use digital movie codes to obtain licensed access to digital movies only as specifically authorized under this Agreement and the terms and conditions of the participating provider of digital content through which you access or download the digital movie. Digital movie codes sold, distributed, purchased, or transferred in a manner inconsistent with this Agreement are subject to being invalidated.

Digital Movie Code Returns. If you do not agree to the above terms and conditions for redeeming a digital movie code obtained by you or a family member in an original combination disc + code package, you may return the combination disc + code package to Disney for a refund subject to the conditions provided at this link. 

D. Subscriptions. Some Disney Products require paid subscriptions and the acceptance of supplemental terms to access. By signing up for a subscription, you agreed that your subscription will be automatically renewed and, unless you cancel your subscription, you authorized us to charge your payment method for the renewal term. You agree that we can change the terms of the subscription with advance notice to you and an opportunity for you to cancel. The period of auto-renewal will be the same as your initial subscription period unless otherwise disclosed to you. The renewal rate will be no more than the rate for the immediately prior subscription period, excluding any promotional and discount pricing, unless we notify you of a rate change prior to your auto-renewal, in which case you will have the right to cancel the renewal of your subscription. From time to time, we may offer a free trial subscription for a Disney Product. If you register for a free trial subscription, we will begin to bill your account when the free trial subscription expires, unless you cancel your subscription before that time.

Unless otherwise disclosed when you subscribe, you have the right to cancel your Disney Product subscription . When a subscription is canceled, you will not receive a prorated refund, but you will continue to have access to the Disney Products until the end of the term during which you canceled the subscription. If you cancel your subscription, you will still be obligated to pay other charges incurred by you in the course of using the Disney Product prior to the date of cancellation. If you pay a periodic subscription fee for a Disney Product, we will provide you with reasonable notice of changes to the fees or billing methods in advance of their effective date and you will be able to cancel your subscription prior to such change. If you subscribed online, we will give you the option of cancelling the subscription online.

E. The Order Process. You will have the opportunity to review and confirm your order, including delivery address (if applicable), payment method and product details. We will send to you a notice when we accept your order and our acceptance will be deemed complete and for all purposes to have been effectively communicated to you at the time we send the notice. At such time, the contract for sale will be made and become binding on both you and us. The risk of loss in any goods you purchase and the responsibility to insure them passes to you when the relevant goods are delivered.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order prior to delivery. Some situations that may result in your order being cancelled include system or typographical errors, inaccuracies in product or pricing information or product availability, fairness among customers where supplies are limited, or problems identified by our credit or fraud departments. We also may require additional verification or information before accepting an order. We will contact you if any portion of your order is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept your order. If your order is cancelled after we have processed your payment but prior to delivery, we will refund your payment.

F. Payments and Billing. When you provide payment information, you represent and warrant that the information is accurate, that you are authorized to use the payment method provided, and that you will notify us of changes to the payment information. We reserve the right to utilize third party payment card updating services to obtain current expiration dates on credit cards and debit cards.

G. Right of Cancellation; Return of Goods. You may have the right to cancel an order placed for a Disney Product – depending on the nature of the Disney Product. Please read the following information carefully so you understand your right of cancellation.

If you wish to cancel, you must do so by following the cancellation instructions for the particular Disney Product. A sample cancellation form is available here. 

i. Cancelling Subscriptions: Please see the information above on the process for cancelling subscriptions in our Subscriptions section, above.

ii. Digital Content: When you purchase a license to access digital content or virtual items, you will be given an opportunity to consent to delivery at the time of purchase. By consenting to delivery, you acknowledge that you have lost the right to cancel. License purchase fees paid for digital content are non-refundable.

iii. Physical Goods: You have the right, within thirty (30) days from the date of your receipt of physical goods, to cancel our contract with you and return the goods. This right does not apply to goods stated by us on the Disney Products to be non-returnable, including but not limited to:

      • Any products with a seal, where the seal is broken, such as audio and video recordings, computer software, and CD’s, DVD’s or other physical media that have been supplied in sealed packaging; and
      • Personalized items.

iv. Personalized Goods: We reserve the right to refuse personalized orders at our discretion. Inappropriate use of our personalization service will cause your order to be cancelled and any payment refunded.

These cancellation rights are separate from and in addition to your rights should any item we supply be faulty.

If you are returning goods that are not faulty, you may be required to pay for the cost of returning the goods to us and we may deduct a reasonable amount if you used the goods.

H. Pricing; Taxes. We may revise the pricing for the Disney Products we offer. When you place your order, we estimate the applicable tax and include that estimate in the total for your convenience. Except to the extent required under applicable tax laws, the actual tax amount that will be applied to your order and charged to your payment method is based on calculations on the date of shipment, regardless of when the order was placed.

I. International Shipping; Customs. When ordering goods for delivery to countries/regions other than the country/region where the seller is located, you may have to pay import duties and taxes levied. These and any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you. For goods shipped internationally, please note that any manufacturer warranty may not be valid; manufacturer service options may not be available; manuals, instructions and safety warnings may not be in destination country/region languages; the goods and accompanying materials may not be designed in accordance with destination country/region standards, specifications, and labeling requirements; and the goods may not conform to destination country/region voltage (requiring use of an adapter or converter). You are responsible for assuring the goods can be lawfully imported to the destination country/region. When ordering from us, the recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country/region.

J. Gift Cards. Disney gift cards may be offered for purchase and/or redemption in connection with certain Disney Products, subject to additional terms of service. The risk of loss and title for gift cards passes to you at the time of electronic transmission or delivery to the carrier. Gift cards may be redeemed at eligible locations and for eligible products and services. Please review the gift card FAQs for more information.


5. Contests, Sweepstakes and Promotions

Contests, sweepstakes and other similar promotions that you enter on a Disney Product or in connection with Disney Products integrated with a third-party website, service, application, platform, and/or content (“Disney Promotions”) may be subject to official rules and/or conditions that are supplemental to this Agreement, and which may provide details governing the Disney Promotion such as eligibility requirements, entry instructions, deadlines, prize information and restrictions. If you wish to participate in any Disney Promotion, please first review the applicable official rules and/or conditions. If a Disney Promotion’s official rules and/or conditions conflict with this Agreement, the provisions contained in the official rules and/or conditions govern and control the Disney Promotion. Your entry to a Disney Promotion constitutes User Generated Content (as defined in Section 7 below) and is subject to all provisions of this Agreement that govern your submission and our use of your User Generated Content.


6. Disclaimers and Limitation on Liability


PLEASE REFER TO THE HELP SECTION OF THE APPLICABLE DISNEY PRODUCT FOR ASSISTANCE IF A DISNEY PRODUCT IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY. It is your responsibility to ensure you follow installation instructions, have the minimum system requirements, update software as recommended, and consult our customer service resources if you encounter a problem with the Disney Products.

We shall not be liable for delay or failure in performance for causes beyond our control or any other damage which does not result from a breach of our obligations under this Agreement.

We are not liable for business losses. We only supply products for your personal, noncommercial, and domestic use. If you use the products for any other purpose we will have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, loss of business opportunity, or similar loss.





7. Submissions, User Generated Content, DMCA Takedown Notices

A. Submissions and Unsolicited Ideas Policies. Our long-standing company policy does not allow us to accept or consider unsolicited creative ideas, suggestions or materials. In connection with anything you submit to us – whether or not solicited by us – you agree that creative ideas, suggestions or other materials you submit are not being made in confidence or trust and that no confidential or fiduciary relationship is intended or created between you and us in any way, and that you have no expectation of review, compensation or consideration of any type.

B. User Generated Content. The Disney Products may ask for or allow you to communicate, submit, upload or otherwise make available text, chats, images, audio, video, contest entries or other content (“User Generated Content”), which may be accessible and viewable by the public. Access to these features may be subject to age restrictions. Whether a Disney Product made available by us or in connection with Disney Products appears on a Disney website, service and/or platform or is integrated with a third-party website, service, application, and/or platform, you may not submit or upload User Generated Content that is defamatory, harassing, threatening, bigoted, hateful, violent, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise offensive or that harms or can reasonably be expected to harm any person or entity, whether or not such material is protected by law.

In most instances, we do not claim ownership of your User Generated Content; however, you grant us a non-exclusive, sublicensable, irrevocable and royalty-free worldwide license under all copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, privacy and publicity rights and other intellectual property rights for the full duration of those rights to use, reproduce, transmit, print, publish, publicly display, exhibit, distribute, redistribute, copy, index, comment on, modify, transform, adapt, translate, create derivative works based upon, publicly perform, publicly communicate, make available, and otherwise exploit such User Generated Content, in whole or in part, in all media formats and channels now known or hereafter devised (including in connection with the Disney Products and on third-party websites, services, applications, and/or platforms), in any number of copies and without limit as to time, manner and frequency of use, without further notice to you, without attribution (to the extent this is not contrary to mandatory provisions of applicable law), and without the requirement of permission from or payment to you or any other person or entity. You agree that submission of User Generated Content does not establish any relationship of trust and confidence between you and us, and that you have no expectation of compensation whatsoever (except as may be specifically stated in the provisions of the Disney Products in connection with the submission, or arising from it).

You represent and warrant that your User Generated Content conforms to this Agreement and that you own or have the necessary rights and permissions including, without limitation, all copyrights, music rights and likeness rights (with respect to any person) contained in the User Generated Content, without the need for payment to any other person or entity, to use and exploit, and to authorize us to use and exploit, your User Generated Content in all manners contemplated by this Agreement; and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claims or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) by any third party arising out of or in connection with our use and exploitation of your User Generated Content resulting from your breach of this Agreement. You also agree to waive and not to enforce any moral rights, ancillary rights or similar rights in or to the User Generated Content against us or our licensees, distributors, agents, representatives and other authorized users, and agree to procure the same agreement to waive and not to enforce from others who may possess such rights.

To the extent that we authorize you to create, post, upload, distribute, publicly display or publicly perform User Generated Content that requires the use of our copyrighted works, we grant you a non-exclusive license to create a derivative work using the specifically referenced copyrighted works as required for the sole purpose of creating such a work, provided that such license shall be conditioned upon your assignment to us of all rights worldwide in the work you create for the duration of copyright in the User Generated Content, in all formats and media known or unknown to date, including for use on Disney Products and on third party sites and platforms. If such rights are not assigned to us, your license to create derivative works using our copyrighted works shall be null and void.

We may monitor, screen, post, remove, modify, store and review User Generated Content or communications sent through a Disney Product, at any time and for any reason, including to ensure that the User Generated Content or communication conforms to this Agreement, without prior notice to you. We may terminate your account and access to the Disney Products if your User Generated Content violates this Agreement, including unlawful postings or content, without prior notice to you. We are not responsible for, and do not endorse or guarantee, the opinions, views, advice or recommendations posted or sent by users.

C. Claims of Copyright Infringement. Notifications of claimed copyright infringement and counter notices must be sent to our designated agent:

Attn: TWDC Designated Agent
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, California 91521, USA
Phone: +1 818-560-1000
Fax: +1 818-560-4299

We are only able to accept notices in the languages in which this Agreement is made available by us.

We will respond expeditiously to claims of copyright infringement committed using the Disney Products that are reported to our designated copyright agent, in accordance with the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (“DMCA”) or, as applicable, other laws. With respect to Disney Products hosted in the United States, these notices must include the required  information set forth in the DMCA and described in detail here. 




You and Disney agree to resolve, by binding individual arbitration as provided below, all Disputes (including any related disputes involving The Walt Disney Company, its subsidiaries, or its affiliates) except for: (i) any claim within the jurisdiction of a small claims court consistent with the jurisdictional and dollar limits that may apply, as long as it is an individual dispute and not a class action; and (ii) any dispute relating to the ownership or enforcement of intellectual property rights. “Dispute” includes any claim, dispute, action, or other controversy, whether based on past, present, or future events, whether based in contract, tort, statute, or common law, between you and Disney concerning the Disney Products or this Agreement, or this exclusive authority to resolve any dispute relating to the interpretation, applicability, or enforceability of these terms or the formation of this Agreement, including, without limitation, the arbitrability of any dispute, and any claim that all or any part of this Agreement is void or voidable.


Neither you nor Disney will seek to have a dispute heard as a class action or private attorney general action or in any other proceeding in which any party acts or proposes to act in a representative capacity. You and we agree not to, and expressly waive any right to, file a class action or seek relief on a class basis. No arbitration or proceeding can be combined with another without the prior written consent of all parties to the applicable arbitrations or proceedings.  If this waiver of class or consolidated actions is deemed invalid or unenforceable, neither you nor we are entitled to arbitration; instead, all Disputes will be resolved in a court.

A. Small Claims Court. Subject to applicable jurisdictional requirements, you or we may elect to pursue a Dispute in a local small claims court rather than through the informal dispute resolution process described below or arbitration, so long as the matter remains in small claims court and proceeds only on an individual basis. If a party has already submitted an arbitration demand, the other party may, in its sole discretion, inform the arbitral forum that it chooses to have the Dispute heard in small claims court. At that time, the arbitral forum will close the arbitration and the Dispute will be heard in the appropriate small claims court, with no fees due from the arbitration respondent.

B. Informal Dispute Resolution. In the event of a Dispute, you and Disney agree to attempt to avoid the costs of formal dispute resolution by giving each party a full and fair opportunity to address and resolve the Dispute informally. Except for those Disputes eligible to be resolved in small claims court or relating to the ownership or enforcement of intellectual property rights, the claiming party must send to the other party a notice of a Dispute, which is a written statement that sets forth the name, address, and contact information of the party giving the notice, detailed factual information sufficient to evaluate the merits of the claiming party’s individualized claim, and the specific relief sought, including whatever amount of money is demanded and the means by which the demanding party calculated the claimed damages. You must send any notice of a Dispute to Disney, 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, California 91521-7620, USA, Attention: Legal. We will send any notice of a Dispute to you at the contact information we have available for you, which may include, if applicable, the contact information associated with your Disney account. You and Disney will attempt to resolve a Dispute through informal negotiation within sixty (60) days beginning from the date the notice of a Dispute is sent. This informal negotiation requires an individual meet-and-confer in person, or via teleconference or videoconference, that addresses only the Dispute between you and Disney (the “Conference”). If you are represented by counsel, your counsel may participate in the Conference, but you will also need to individually participate. Disney will participate in the Conference through one or more representatives, which may include our counsel. After the end of the sixty (60) day informal negotiation period and not before, and only after the completion of the Conference with respect to a claim, you or we may commence an arbitration proceeding regarding that claim. Nothing in this paragraph is intended to prohibit the parties from engaging in informal communications to resolve the initiating party’s claims before, during, or after any Conference or filing in small claims court. Each party agrees that a court may enter injunctive relief to enforce the pre-filing requirements of this paragraph, including an injunction to stay an arbitration that has been commenced in violation of this paragraph.

C. Arbitration Process and Rules. If you and Disney do not resolve a dispute by informal negotiation or in small claims court, the dispute shall be resolved by binding arbitration. The Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. §§ 1-16, including its procedural provisions, and not state law, governs the interpretation and enforcement of this arbitration agreement. Any demand for arbitration must be filed with ADR Services, Inc. (“ADR Services”) ( If ADR Services is not available to arbitrate, the arbitration will be conducted by National Arbitration and Mediation (“NAM”) ( The rules of the arbitral forum will govern all aspects of this arbitration, except to the extent those rules conflict with this Agreement. The arbitration will be conducted by a single, neutral arbitrator. Arbitration may be conducted in person, through the submission of documents, by phone, or online. Proceedings that cannot be conducted through the submission of documents, by phone, or online will take place in either Los Angeles, California or the borough of Manhattan, New York, New York, whichever is more convenient for you; provided, however, that if you can demonstrate that arbitration in Los Angeles or the borough of Manhattan would create an undue burden to you, the arbitrator may hold an in-person hearing in your hometown area. You and Disney agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal or state courts located in either Los Angeles, California or the borough of Manhattan, New York, New York, whichever is more convenient for you, in order to compel arbitration, to stay proceedings pending arbitration, or to confirm, modify, vacate, or enter judgment on the award entered by the arbitrator. The arbitrator may award damages to either party individually as a court could, including declaratory or injunctive relief, but only to the extent required to satisfy such party’s individual claim.

D. Fees. If we initiate an arbitration against you, we will pay all costs associated with the arbitration, including the entire filing fee. If you are the party initiating an arbitration, you will be responsible for the nonrefundable initial filing fee and other applicable fees, as required by ADR Services or NAM. ADR Services sets forth fees for its services, which are available at NAM permits any person to request information as to fees for its services at If the arbitrator finds that either the substance of a claim or the relief sought violate the representation requirements of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11, to the extent permitted by law, the arbitrator shall have the same power to award sanctions consistent with that rule.

E. Settlement Offers and Offers of Judgment. At least ten (10) calendar days before the date set for an arbitration hearing with respect to a Dispute, you or we may serve a written offer of judgment on the other party to allow judgment on specified terms. If the offer is accepted, the offer with proof of acceptance shall be submitted to the arbitrator, who shall enter judgment accordingly. If the offer is not accepted prior to the arbitration hearing or within thirty (30) calendar days after it is made, whichever is first, it shall be deemed withdrawn and cannot be given as evidence in the arbitration. If an offer made by one party is not accepted by the other party, and the other party fails to obtain a more favorable award, the other party shall not recover their post-offer costs and shall pay the offering party’s costs (including all fees paid to the arbitral forum) from the time of the offer.

F. Arbitration Agreement Survival. This arbitration agreement will survive the termination of your relationship with Disney, including any revocation of consent or other action by you to end your engagement with or use of any Disney Products or any communication with us.

G. Opt-out. You may opt out of this arbitration agreement via mail. If you do so, neither party can force the other party to arbitrate. To opt out, you must notify us in writing no later than thirty (30) calendar days after first becoming subject to this arbitration agreement; otherwise you shall be bound to arbitrate Disputes on a non-class basis in accordance with this Agreement. If you opt out of only the arbitration provisions, and not also the class action waiver, the class action waiver still applies. You may not opt out of only the class action waiver and not also the arbitration provisions. Your opt-out notice must include your name and address, the email address you used to set up your Disney account (if you have one), and an unequivocal statement that you want to opt out of this arbitration agreement (and, if applicable, that you want to opt out of the class action waiver). You must mail your opt-out notice to P.O. Box 11565, Burbank, California 91510, USA, Attention: Disney Opt-Out. For clarity, opt-out notices submitted via email will not be effective.

If you have questions or concerns about the meaning of any provision of this arbitration agreement, please feel free to seek the counsel of an attorney. We thank you for understanding why it is important that we agree on the process for addressing disputes.


9. Additional Provisions

A. Choice of Forum. You agree that any action at law or in equity arising out of or relating to this Agreement that is not subject to arbitration shall be filed, and that venue properly lies, only in the state or federal courts located in either Los Angeles, California or the borough of Manhattan, New York, New York, United States of America and you consent and submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purposes of litigating such action.

B. Choice of Law. This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and the laws of the United States, without giving effect to any conflict of law principles.

C. Severability. If any provision (or any part thereof) of this Agreement, applied to either party or to any circumstances or otherwise adjudged to be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then such provision (or any part thereof) shall remain void, unlawful or unenforceable only to the extent the same is void, unlawful or unenforceable and shall be deemed severable from this Agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions (or remaining part thereof). 

D. Survival. The provisions of this Agreement which by their nature should survive the termination of this Agreement shall survive such termination, including but not limited to the restrictions, disclaimers, limitations, our rights to use submitted content, and rules regarding dispute resolution in Sections 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 as well as the general provisions in this Section 9.

E. Waiver. No waiver of any provision of this Agreement by us shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such provision or any other provision, and our failure to assert any right or provision under this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

F. Third Parties. Except for Disney affiliates and subsidiaries, a party who is not a party to this Agreement shall have no right to enforce any of its terms. 




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D. 改变。出于各种原因,我们可能需要不时对本协议的任何部分进行更改,包括反映迪士尼产品的更新或法律的变化。如果我们对本协议做出重大更改,则此类更改将在我们向您发送通知后三十(30)天生效,或者我们通过向您提供迪士尼产品的第三方迪士尼产品或disney termsofuse.com发布更改后的条款。您有责任定期审查本协议的更新和更改。继续使用迪士尼产品即视为您同意并接受任何更改。除非适用法律另有规定,如果您不同意对本协议进行任何更改,您必须停止使用迪士尼产品。我们的客户服务代表无权以口头或书面形式更改本协议的任何条款。

E. 账户。某些迪士尼产品允许或要求您创建一个帐户以参与或获得额外福利。您同意您提供和维护的任何信息都是准确、最新和完整的,包括您的通知和其他通信的联系信息以及您的付款信息。您同意不冒充或歪曲您与任何个人或实体的关系,包括使用他人的用户名、密码或其他帐户信息,或他人的姓名或肖像,或提供有关父母或监护人的虚假信息。您同意我们可能会采取措施验证您提供的信息的准确性,包括有关父母或监护人的信息。

F. 密码和安全性。您同意不会与其他人共享您的帐户或帐户信息。您有责任采取合理措施维护您的用户名和密码的机密性,并负责您可以合理控制的帐户上的所有活动。您同意立即通知我们任何未经授权使用您的用户名、密码或其他帐户信息的行为,或您意识到的涉及您的帐户或迪士尼产品的任何其他安全违规行为。

G. 电子通知。您同意通过您提供的电子邮件地址接收我们以电子方式发送的通知,包括协议、披露和其他通信。您同意此电子通知满足此类通信采用书面形式的任何法律要求。

H. 终止或暂停。如果法律要求,或者如果我们有客观理由相信您使用迪士尼产品违反了本协议的任何条款或任何附加条款,我们可以根据以下条款和条件终止或暂停您使用任何迪士尼产品,和/或终止本协议,和/或您是否参与或鼓励任何与您使用迪士尼产品有关的违法行为或其他非法行为。


2. 许可证授予和限制


A. 消费者许可。如果迪斯尼产品或根据本协议提供迪斯尼产品的第三方被配置为允许使用由我们拥有或授权的软件、内容、虚拟物品或其他材料,则我们授予您在提供该产品的适用地区访问和使用该软件、内容、虚拟物品或其他材料的有限、非独占、不可再许可和不可转让的许可,仅在我们或授权第三方向您提供该迪斯尼产品的范围内,且仅根据本协议和/或适用于该迪斯尼产品的具体条款,供您个人用于非商业用途、无权复制、分发、向公众传播、向公众提供或修改任何迪士尼产品,包括与任何人工智能或机器学习工具、模型、系统、算法、产品或其他技术(”人工智能工具”)的任何使用、创建、开发、修改、提示、定制、培训、测试、基准或验证有关的,以当今已知或今后设计的任何媒体格式或渠道(迪士尼产品中明确描述的或迪士尼产品中根据其目的使用的除外)。本协议为许可协议,不构成出售或转让迪斯尼产品任何权利的协议。除非我们以书面形式明确同意,否则不得以任何方式使用或利用迪斯尼产品的任何元素,但作为提供给您的授权产品的一部分除外。您可以拥有向您提供迪斯尼产品元素的物理介质,但我们保留对迪斯尼知识产权的完全所有权。我们不会将迪斯尼网站、软件、应用程序、内容、虚拟物品或其他材料和/或服务的任何部分的所有权转让给您。同样,购买任何迪斯尼产品的使用许可不会产生对网站、软件、应用程序、内容、虚拟物品或其他迪斯尼材料和/或服务的任何所有权权益。

B. 使用迪斯尼产品的限制。您同意,未经我们的书面许可,您不会或不允许他人做出以下行为,且这些限制是您获得许可的先决条件:

i. 规避或禁用与迪士尼产品相关的任何内容保护系统或数字版权管理技术;

ii. 复制迪士尼产品(除非我们明确许可);

iii. 转播、传输或表演迪士尼产品;

iv. 根据迪士尼产品或其任何部分创作衍生作品,除非且仅在适用法律禁止上述限制的情况下;

v. 将迪士尼产品和/或视频播放器、基础技术、数字版权管理机制、设备或任何其他保护或访问措施移动、反编译、逆向工程、反汇编或以其他方式减少为插入到迪士尼产品和/或视频播放器中的人类可读形式的控制措施视频播放器;

vi. 修改迪士尼产品,包括但不限于删除迪士尼产品中的标识、版权或其他专有权声明,或者通过框架、镜像或利用类似技术;

vii. 以暗示与我们的产品、服务或品牌存在关联的方式访问或使用迪士尼产品;

viii. 将迪士尼产品用于任何商业或业务相关用途,或利用迪士尼产品建立业务,或从事任何允许第三方从事上述任何活动的活动,无论是否以营利为目的;

ix. 绕过、修改、破坏、损坏或规避迪士尼产品的任何功能或保护;

x. 通过使用机器人、蜘蛛、脚本或其他自动化手段访问、监控、复制或提取迪斯尼产品,为避免疑义,包括为创建或开发人工智能工具、数据挖掘或网络搜刮,或为任何数据收集、数据集或数据库编译、构建、创建或贡献任何内容(未经迪斯尼授权,公共搜索引擎使用蜘蛛创建搜索索引除外,包括通过 robots.txt 或 NOINDEX 文件或 NOFOLLOW 元标签);

xi. 损坏、禁用、超载或削弱迪斯尼产品;或

xii. 以任何非法方式、出于任何非法目的或以任何不符合本协议的方式使用迪士尼产品。

C. 侵权。任何试图实施上述禁止行为的行为都是对迪士尼和/或知识产权持有人权利的侵犯。

D. 出口管制。您不得违反美国和任何适用地区的出口管制和经济制裁要求访问或使用任何迪士尼产品。通过迪士尼产品获得服务、内容或软件,即表示并保证您对服务、内容和软件的访问和使用将遵守这些条款。


3. 使用规则

A. 迪士尼产品的变更。迪士尼产品不断发展,并会随着时间而改变。我们保留进行此类更改或在必要时停止迪士尼产品的权利。如果法律要求,我们可能还需要暂停、限制或终止您对迪士尼产品的访问。

B. 第三方服务或平台。迪士尼产品可以集成、集成到第三方网站、服务、应用程序、平台和/或内容中,或与第三方网络、服务、平台和(或)内容相关联地提供。我们不控制这些第三方或他们提供的产品。您应该阅读适用于此类第三方产品的使用协议条款和隐私政策。如果您使用支持Apple iOS、Android或Microsoft Windows的设备或其各自的Microsoft Xbox One访问迪士尼产品,则Apple股份有限公司、Google、股份有限公司或Microsoft Corporation是本合同的第三方受益人。但是,这些第三方受益人不是本合同的当事方。您同意,您使用本设备访问迪士尼产品也应遵守适用第三方接收方服务条款中规定的使用条款。您向迪士尼表示,您已阅读并同意这些条款。

C. 互联网、浏览器和系统要求。您可能需要高速互联网连接和/或最低系统和/或浏览器要求才能访问和使用迪士尼产品的某些方面。您需要审查使用特定产品所需的最低要求。

D. 移动网络。当您通过移动网络访问迪斯尼产品时,您的网络或漫游服务提供商的信息、数据及其他费率和费用将适用。


E. 消息的批准。当您使用迪士尼产品时,您可能有机会同意通过电子邮件、短信和/或移动推送通知接收我们的通信。将适用标准短信和通话费率。您同意自动电话拨号系统可以生成短信、电话或预先录制的消息。您可以通过您的迪士尼产品设置,按照电子邮件的“取消订阅”说明,或者如果通过短信,回复“停止”,选择不接收促销信息。您承认,您无需同意接收促销短信或电话作为使用迪士尼产品的条件。

F. 应用程序权限。当您使用迪士尼产品时,您可以授予我们您的设备和/或帐户的某些权限。大多数移动设备平台提供有关这些权限的附加信息,以及如何更改您的权限设置(如果适用)。通过下载、安装或使用迪士尼产品,您同意接收自动软件更新(如适用)。

G. 信息和娱乐目的。您了解迪士尼产品仅供您个人非商业用途,且仅供参考和娱乐目的;所提供的内容不构成法律、财务、专业、医疗或健康建议或诊断,且不得用于此类目的。

H. 禁止商业、营销或品牌使用。除非获得明确许可,否则我们不允许使用迪士尼产品或其他与商业或商业相关的迪士尼知识产权,包括用于营销或品牌推广,或广告或提供销售或推广产品或服务(无论是否盈利),或招揽他人(包括捐款或捐赠请求)。

I. 恶意软件(Malware)。您同意不故意或鲁莽地引入病毒或其他有害成分,或篡改、损坏或伤害任何迪士尼产品或连接网络,或干扰任何个人或实体对迪士尼产品的使用或享受。您同意不使用任何允许自动游戏、加速游戏或其他游戏操作或游戏客户端的软件或设备,也同意不欺骗或修改迪士尼产品或游戏体验,为单个用户创造与其他用户相比的优势。

J. 模拟活动。您了解,为了支持迪斯尼产品在广泛地理区域内的顺利运行,可能会对游戏等活动的某些方面进行模拟,以避免延误。

K. 联盟广告计划。迪士尼是联盟广告计划的参与者,该计划旨在为网站、应用程序或服务提供一种手段,通过广告和链接到第三方零售网站来赚取广告费。


4. 支付交易

A. 卖方身份。如果不同,则由迪士尼或销售时确定的授权经销商进行销售。如果您对订单有任何疑问,请按照提供的地址与卖家联系,他们会为您提供帮助。迪士尼产品上的一些数字店面由第三方运营,在这种情况下,可能会适用不同或额外的销售条款,您应该在收到这些条款时阅读这些条款。

B. 数字内容和虚拟商品。我们可能会在迪士尼产品上或通过授权的第三方提供应用程序、游戏、软件或其他数字内容,供您一次性付费许可。在购买迪士尼产品访问此类材料的许可证时,在您完成许可证购买之前,将向您披露费用。


C. 数字电影编码。最初包装在组合光盘+代码包(包括DVD、蓝光和/或4K/UHD光盘和数字代码的包)中的数字代码不得单独出售,只能由获得原始组合光盘+码包中代码的个人或个人的家庭成员兑换。如果单独出售,则不允许交换数字代码。只有在本协议以及您访问或下载数字电影的参与数字内容提供商的条款和条件特别允许的情况下,您才能使用数字电影代码获得数字电影的授权访问权限。以与本协议不一致的方式出售、分发、购买或转让的数字电影代码可能无效。


D. 订阅。一些迪士尼产品需要付费订阅并接受额外条款才能访问。通过注册订阅,您同意您的订阅将自动续订,除非您取消订阅,否则您授权我们按照续订期限收取您的付款方式。您同意我们可以在事先通知您的情况下更改订阅条款,并为您提供取消的机会。除非另有通知,否则自动续订期限与您的初始订阅期限相同。续订费率不会高于上一订阅周期的费率,不包括促销价格和折扣,除非我们在自动续订前通知您费率变更,在这种情况下您有权取消订阅续订。我们可能会不时提供迪士尼产品的免费试用订阅。如果您注册免费试用订阅,我们将在免费试用订阅结束时开始向您的帐户计费,除非您在此之前取消订阅。


E. 订单流程。您将有机会审查和确认您的订单,包括发货地址(如适用)、付款方式和产品详细信息。当我们收到您的订单时,我们将向您发送通知,我们的接受将被视为完成,并且在我们发送通知时,出于所有目的,我们已经有效地传达给您。届时,将签订一份销售合同,对您和我们都有约束力。您购买的任何物品的损失风险和保险责任将在相关物品交付时转移给您。


F. 付款和账单。当您提供付款信息时,您声明并保证该信息是准确的,您有权使用所提供的付款方式,并且您将通知我们付款信息的任何更改。我们保留使用第三方支付卡更新服务获取信用卡和借记卡当前终止日期的权利。

G. 取消权利;退货。根据迪士尼产品的性质,您可能有权取消您的迪士尼产品订单。请仔细阅读以下信息,以便了解您的取消权利。


i. 取消订阅: 请参阅上文 “订阅 “部分有关订阅取消流程的信息。

ii. 数字内容:当您购买访问数字内容或虚拟商品的许可证时,您将有机会在购买时同意交付。同意交付即表示您承认您失去了取消的权利。为数字内容支付的许可证购买费不予退还。

iii. 实物:您有权在收到实物之日起三十(30)天内取消我们与您的合同并退货。该权利不适用于我们在迪士尼产品上指定为不可退货的物品,包括但不限于:

      • 密封破裂的任何密封产品,如音频和视频记录、计算机软件以及密封包装中提供的CD、DVD或其他物理介质;和
      • 个性化商品。

iv. 个性化商品:我们保留自行决定拒绝个性化订单的权利。不当使用我们的个性化服务将导致您的订单被取消并退还任何款项。



H. 价格;税。我们可能会修改我们提供的迪士尼产品的价格。当您下订单时,我们会估算适用的税费,并将估算值包含在总额中,以方便您使用。除非适用税法另有要求,否则无论何时下订单,适用于您的订单并通过您的付款方式收取的实际税额均以发货之日为计算依据。

I. 国际运输;海关。当订购的商品运往卖家所在国家/地区以外的国家/地区时,您可能需要支付适用的进口关税和税费。这些费用以及任何额外的清关费用必须由您承担。对于国际运输的物品,请注意,任何制造商的保修可能不适用;制造商服务选项可能不可用;手册、说明和安全警告可能没有目的地国家/地区的语言版本;货物及其随附材料的设计可能不符合目的地国家的标准、规格和标签要求;并且货物可能与目的地国家的电压不符(需要使用适配器或转换器)。您有责任确保货物可以合法进口到目的地国家/地区。当向我们订购时,收件人是记录的进口商,必须遵守目的地国家/地区的所有法律和法规。

J. 礼品卡。迪士尼礼品卡可用于购买和/或兑换某些迪士尼产品,但需遵守额外的服务条款。礼品卡的丢失风险和所有权在电子传输或交付给承运人时转移给您。礼品卡可以在符合条件的地点兑换,也可以兑换符合条件的产品和服务。有关更多信息,请查看礼品卡常见问题解答


5. 竞赛、抽奖和促销



6. 免责声明和责任限制





对于以下原因导致的任何迪士尼产品功能缺失或无法提供任何部分,或任何内容或数据丢失,我们概不负责: 您的设备、装置、操作系统或互联网连接;或者您未能遵守指定的兼容性要求。


在适用法律许可的最大范围内,在任何情况下,我们对您的所有损害、损失和诉讼理由承担的总责任均不超过一千美元 (US $1,000)。


7. 提交内容、用户生成内容、DMCA 删除通知

A. 未经请求的提交和想法政策。我们长期的公司政策不允许我们接受或考虑不请自来的想法、建议或创意材料。关于您提交给我们的任何内容——无论我们是否要求——您同意,您提交的任何创意、建议或其他材料都不是出于保密或信任,您和我们之间没有任何保密或信托关系,您也不期望任何审查、补偿或报酬。

B. 用户生成的内容。迪士尼产品可能会要求或允许您交流、提交、上传或以其他方式提供文本、聊天、图像、音频、视频、竞赛条目或其他内容(“用户生成的内容”),这些内容可能会被公众访问和观看。访问这些功能可能会受到年龄限制。无论我们提供的迪士尼产品或与迪士尼产品相关的迪士尼产品出现在迪士尼网站、服务和/或平台上,还是与第三方网站、服务、应用程序和/或网站集成,您都不得提交或上传诽谤、骚扰、威胁、偏执、仇恨、暴力、粗俗、淫秽、色情、,或以其他方式冒犯他人,或伤害或合理预期会伤害任何个人或实体,无论该材料是否受法律保护。





C. 版权侵权索赔。关于声称侵犯版权的通知和反通知应发送给我们的指定代理人:

电话:+1 818-560-1000
传真:+1 818-560-4299




8. 具有约束力的仲裁和集体诉讼豁免


您和迪士尼同意通过下述具有约束力的个人仲裁解决所有争议(包括涉及华特迪士尼公司、其子公司或附属公司的任何相关争议),但以下情况除外:(i)小额索赔法院管辖范围内的任何索赔,受任何管辖权和可能适用的美元限制,只要争议是个人争议而非集体诉讼;以及(ii)与知识产权的所有权或执行有关的任何争议。 “争议”包括您与迪士尼之间关于迪士尼产品或本协议的任何索赔、争议、诉讼或其他争议,无论是基于过去、现在还是未来的事件,无论是根据合同、侵权行为、法规还是普通法,或解决与解释、适用性、,或这些条款的可执行性或本合同的订立,包括但不限于任何争议的可仲裁性,以及本协议全部或任何部分无效的索赔。



A. 小额索赔法院。根据适用的管辖权要求,您或我们可以选择在当地小额索赔法院提交争议,而不是通过下文所述的非正式争议解决程序或仲裁,只要该事项仍在小额索赔法院审理并仅在个人基础上进行处理。如果任何一方提出仲裁请求,另一方可以自行决定通知仲裁庭,另一方更愿意在小额索赔法院审理争议。届时,仲裁庭将结束仲裁,争议将在适当的小额索赔法院进行审理,仲裁被申请人无需支付任何费用。

B. 非正式争议解决。如果发生争议,您和迪士尼同意通过向各方提供充分、公平的机会以非正式方式解决争议,尽量避免正式解决争议的费用。除有资格在小额索赔法院解决的争议或与知识产权的所有权或执行有关的争议外,原告必须向另一方发送争议通知,即书面声明,其中包括提供通知的一方的姓名、地址和联系信息,足以评估索赔人个人索赔案情的详细事实信息,以及所寻求的具体救济,包括索赔人所要求的金额和计算所寻求损害赔偿的方法。您应将任何争议通知发送至迪士尼,地址:布埃纳维斯塔南街500号,伯班克,加利福尼亚州91521-7620,美国,收件人:法律部门。我们将使用我们提供给您的联系信息向您发送争议通知,如果适用,其中可能包括与您的迪士尼账户相关的联系信息。您和迪士尼将在争议通知发出之日起六十(60)天内通过非正式协商解决争议。这些非正式谈判需要亲自或通过电话会议或视频会议召开单独的会议,仅解决您与迪士尼之间的争议(“会议”)。如果你由律师代表,你的律师可以参加会议,但你也需要单独参加。迪士尼将通过一名或多名代表参加会议,其中可能包括我们的顾问。在六十(60)天的非正式谈判期结束后,而不是更早,并且只有在与索赔有关的会议结束后,您或我们才能就该索赔提起仲裁程序。本款无意禁止当事各方在会议之前、期间或之后进行非正式沟通,以解决索赔人的索赔,或向小额索赔法院提出申请。各方同意,法院可以授予禁令救济,以执行本款的备案前要求,包括暂停违反本款提起的仲裁的命令。

C. 仲裁程序和规则。如果您和迪士尼未通过非正式谈判或小额索赔法庭解决争议,争议将通过具有约束力的仲裁解决。《联邦仲裁法》第9卷第§1-16节,包括其程序性条款,而非州法律,管辖本仲裁协议的解释和执行。任何仲裁请求必须提交给ADR服务股份有限公司(“ADR服务”)( 如果ADR服务不可用于仲裁,仲裁将由国家仲裁和调解机构(“NAM”)进行(仲裁庭的规则将管辖本仲裁的所有方面,除非这些规则与本协议相冲突。仲裁将由一名中立的仲裁员进行。仲裁可以亲自进行,也可以通过提交文件、电话或在线进行。无法通过提交文件、电话或在线方式进行的法律诉讼将在加利福尼亚州洛杉矶或纽约州曼哈顿区进行,以您更方便的为准;但是,如果您能够证明在洛杉矶或曼哈顿县进行仲裁会给您带来不当负担,仲裁员可以在您所在县举行现场听证会。您和迪士尼同意接受位于加利福尼亚州洛杉矶或纽约州曼哈顿县(以对您来说更方便的为准)的联邦或州法院的专属管辖,要求仲裁、保留待决仲裁程序,或确认、修改、撤销或对仲裁员作出的裁决作出判决。仲裁员可以像法院一样单独向各方裁决救济,包括宣告性或禁令性救济,但仅限于满足该方个人索赔所需的范围。

D. 费用。如果我们对您提起仲裁,我们将支付与仲裁相关的所有费用,包括所有申请费。如果您是发起仲裁的一方,您将按照 ADR 服务或 NAM 的要求负责支付不可退还的初始申请费和其他适用费用。ADR 服务为其服务设定费用,可在 上查看。NAM 允许任何人通过 索取有关其服务费的信息。如果仲裁员发现索赔的实质内容或所寻求的事项(所寻求的救济)在法律允许的范围内违反了《联邦民事诉讼规则》第11条的陈述要求,则仲裁员有权根据该规则裁决制裁。

E. 和解要约和判决要约。在与争议有关的仲裁听证会日期前至少十(10)个日历日,您或我们可以向另一方提供书面判决书,以便根据某些条件做出裁决。如果要约被接受,则带有接受证明的要约将提交给仲裁员,仲裁员将做出相应的决定。如果要约在仲裁听证会之前或提交后三十(30)个日历日内(以较早者为准)未被接受,则该要约被视为撤回,不能用作仲裁中的证据。如果一方提出的要约不被另一方接受,并且另一方未能获得更有利的裁决,则另一方将不会收回要约后的费用,并且必须支付要约人自要约发出以来的费用(包括向仲裁庭支付的所有费用)。

F. 仲裁协议的存续。本仲裁协议将在您与迪士尼的关系结束后继续有效,包括您撤回同意或采取任何其他行动终止您与迪士尼产品的接触或使用,或与我们的任何通信。

G. 选择不参加。您可以通过邮件选择退出本仲裁协议。如果你这样做,任何一方都不能强迫另一方进行仲裁。若要选择退出,您必须在首次受本仲裁协议约束后三十(30)个日历日内以书面形式通知我们;否则,您有义务根据本协议在非类别基础上对争议进行仲裁。如果您选择不单独选择加入仲裁条款,并且不行使集体诉讼豁免,则集体诉讼豁免仍然有效。您不能单独选择退出集体诉讼豁免或仲裁条款。您的退出通知必须包括您的姓名和地址、用于设置迪士尼账户的电子邮件地址(如有),以及您希望退出本仲裁协议的明确声明(如适用,您希望退出参与集体诉讼豁免)。您必须将退出通知发送至美国加利福尼亚州伯班克11565号邮政信箱91510,收件人:迪士尼退出。为了清楚起见,通过电子邮件发送的选择退出通知将无效。



9. 附加条款

A. 法庭选择。您同意,因本协议引起的或与本协议有关的任何法律诉讼或衡平法诉讼,如果不属于仲裁范围,则只能在加利福尼亚州洛杉矶市或美国纽约州纽约市曼哈顿区的州法院或联邦法院提起诉讼,并且您同意并服从这些法院对任何此类法律诉讼的属人管辖权。

B. 法律的选择。本协议受纽约州法律和美国法律管辖并根据其进行解释,不产生任何法律冲突原则。

C. 可分割性。如果本协议的任何条款(或其任何部分)适用于任何一方或任何情况,或因其他原因被裁定为不合法、无效或因任何原因无法执行,则该条款(或其任何部分)仅在其无效、不合法或无法执行的范围内保持无效、不合法或无法执行,并应被视为可从本协议中分割出去,且不影响其他条款(或其余部分)的有效性和可执行性。

D. 继续有效的条款。本协议中的条款在本协议终止后仍然有效,包括但不限于限制、免责声明、限制、我们使用提交内容的权利、第2、3、6、7和8条中关于争议解决的规则以及第9条中的一般规定。

E. 弃权。我方对本协议任何条款的放弃均不应被视为对该条款或任何其他条款的进一步或持续放弃,我方未能行使本协议项下的任何权利或条款不应构成对该权利或条款的放弃。

F. 第三方。除迪士尼附属公司和子公司外,非本协议缔约方的一方无权执行本协议的任何条款。